The Shrunken Headbangers' Anthology

Nine years in the making, the Shrunken Headbangers' ANTHOLOGY represents the definitive musical compilation of the distinguished career of "the Band With No Shame." Three disks of Shrunken Headbangers recordings provide over 215 minutes of Headbangers listening pleasure, all digitally remastered for CD from the original source tapes. Every major song from each phase of the Shrunken Headbangers' illustrious musical career is found here. The ANTHOLOGY contains 55 tracks, representing the best version of every single song from the band's four studio albums plus 19 previously unreleased recordings, including all of the infamous WHFS "Lunch Songs." The collection is beautifully packaged, with silk-screened CDs and booklets containing notes on the recordings and the artists, photographs of the band in action, and other interesting information. A bargain at any price, the Shrunken Headbangers' ANTHOLOGY sells for just $20. These CDs are a must-have for the music collection of every audiophile, but the ANTHOLOGY also makes a fine gift for the indiscriminate listener.

Fifty Ways to Cleave Your Lover Aliens Abducted Me Reasons Di Died
Diseases Secret Asian Man Leader of the Free World
Uncle Milton's Ant Farm Club Nancy Kerrigan Martian Blues
Self Amputation Paté All Night Long Dead Rock Stars
Song For Sale Flaming Nazi Biker Babes of Edinburgh Car Song
Chia Pet Farm the Shrunken Headbangers Plate Tectonics
Bodyart Girl That's Not Gladys Hell
Please Hold Unrequited Love Song Flagpole Eatta
Wo Woe Whoa Wough Fat Person on an Airplane MacSandwich
Play For Food Reptile Love Vanilla
WHFS Station ID Tags Incubus Microwave
Selling Body Organs Fungible Lover Burritos
Hothead! Get So Hungry Foodstuffs
Hothead! (Satanic Mix) Good Stuff Slim
Today's Especiales I Alone Found Out About Food
Disorders Poisoned By Mom
Found Out About You Gopher Guts
Coconut (recorded live) Smells Like Fish
Smells Like Yeast
She Won't Swallow
I'll Pick Around
I'll Stick Around


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